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Roll On Grass South Africa

Attractive Roll On Grass In South Africa

For many home owners in South Africa the lawn is the focal point for outdoor activities and the coming summer months are the perfect time to enjoy the attractions of a lush and attractive lawn surface. The winter months may not have been kind to many lawns and dry patches and dead grass can spoil the appearance of the lawn. Fortunately there are a variety of suppliers who have a solution and this is the provision of healthy and easy to apply roll on grass. South Africa has variety of different climatic conditions that characterise both its coastal and inland areas and the many different varieties of roll on grass in South Africa have been developed to take into account these conditions.

Many home owners in South Africa choose to make use of roll on grass in part because of the ease of application. Roll on grass can be purchased from a nursery or garden shop and is supplied in neatly rolled sections. Even the most inexperienced gardener can then cut these rolls of grass to suit their individual needs and the shape of their gardens and lay the grass on their own. Some preparation of the soil is usually required prior to the laying of the roll on grass in South Africa.

Much of the soil found on the Highveld of South Africa for instance consists of sandy soil or soil that features large amounts of clay. This type of soil may require the addition of topsoil or compost prior to the laying of the roll on lawn. This type of soil does not hold water at all well and the addition of compost can remedy this. In addition compost should also be spread over the surface of the lawn once it has been laid. This will assist the root system of the lawn in taking up nutrients and will promote a strong root system and robust growth.

Care should be taken to only purchase roll on grass from reputable suppliers in South Africa. The purchase of roll on grass from road side entrepreneurs is not recommended. These instant lawn sections can harbour pests and contain the seeds of undesirable plants that can cause enormous damage in the suburban garden.

The novice gardener should take care to make use of the advice that is supplied at the garden centre by specialists such as those from reputable roll on grass specialists in South Africa like LawnSafe. Companies like LawnSafe will be able to provide the home owner with the advice that he or she needs to both lay and maintain the perfect lawn.