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    At Lawnsafe we will ensure that your lawn is in a perfect condition – whatever the weather. All you need to do it make sure that you water and mow your lawn correctly.

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    Common Problems

    Your garden is an intricately balanced ecosystem. If an aspect falls out of balance, it may have a profound effect on the health and look of the rest of your garden. Your lawn is no different – and unfortunately disease can strike in the blink of an eye.

Lawn Maintenance Help

Expert Lawn Maintenance Help In Gauteng

Lawn maintenance help is available from LawnSafe in Gauteng. If you answer yes to any of the questions below you will benefit from our lawn maintenance help:

  • Are there dry and dead patches on the grass?
  • Do weeds grow between the grass blades?
  • Is there visible evidence of the grass being eaten by insects?
  • Is the grass thinly spread?
  • Do you struggle to get the grass to grow in the shade?
  • Have the grass turned tan or brown?
  • Do you want to have a lush green and thick lawn which will be the envy of the neighbours?
  • Is the soil hard?
  • Do you want a green lawn, but don’t have the time to ensure that the soil has the correct balance?

We are here to provide extensive lawn maintenance help throughout the year. We have a well worked out routine for creating a stunning piece of lawn without any effort from your side apart from mowing and watering according to our instructions. We will even provide guidance regarding correct mowing and watering. We also address drainage problems and hard-scaping to create a stunning garden that will be the next hot topic at neighbourhood discussions.
The following components form part of our services:

  • Application of a special top dressing to enhance soil composition.
  • Seasonal fertilization for optimal growth, health and colour.
  • Weed and pest control.
  • Aeration of soil to improve nutrient flow and root strengthening.
  • Addressing drainage problems.
  • Composting to create the correct pH balance.

By addressing the above components we ensure that your grass will be healthy throughout the year with our help in lawn maintenance. In addition we also provide assistance with lawn establishment. Simply view our range of articles for assistance regarding mowing and watering and contact us for lawn maintenance help.

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