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    At Lawnsafe we will ensure that your lawn is in a perfect condition – whatever the weather. All you need to do it make sure that you water and mow your lawn correctly.

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    Your garden is an intricately balanced ecosystem. If an aspect falls out of balance, it may have a profound effect on the health and look of the rest of your garden. Your lawn is no different – and unfortunately disease can strike in the blink of an eye.

Lawn Maintenance and Care

Proper Lawn Maintenance and Care

LawnSafe is a lawn maintenance and care company located near Pretoria in Gauteng. Our main client group consists of residential home owners who want to improve the quality and appearance of their lawns and require maintenance assistance to ensure continues health of the lawn.

Proper lawn maintenance and care is required to ensure healthy lawn. Some of the components that make up lawn maintenance are briefly discussed below to give you an overview of what we can do for your lawn.


Fertilizer is not just important to ensure that the lawn becomes and stays green, but also to improve growth. In addition fertilizer is important because it helps seeds to germinate quickly and to thicken grass. We generally apply a special mixture of fertilizer once every thirteen weeks during specific periods of the year. The fertilizer is important during the spring season as well as at the start of the winter. Too much fertilizer, however, leads to fungi growth and at the end of the day reduces grass strength.  The correct amount and mixture must be applied based on factors such as the moisture level, season, type of grass, and more. We use exactly the right amount at the correct time for the particular grass.

Weed & Pest Control

The second component of proper lawn maintenance and care is that of weed and pest control. Weeds can easily overgrow and affect the overall appearance of the grass. Pests cause severe havoc and leave grass dry and weak. It is important to remove weeds and pests to ensure healthy and well manicured lawn. We provide the correct mixture of spray to keeps weeds and pests under control.

Your Role

Your part in the whole process is to mow the lawn regularly and at the right height in addition to watering it on a regular basis. It is important not to overdo the watering and to ensure that there is a proper drainage system in place. We can help with the construction of the drainage system and will provide advice regarding proper mowing and watering of the grass.

In addition to fertilizer, weed and pest control, we also provide top dressing and apply composts and the right time as part of our lawn maintenance and care services. Contact us today to help you get your lawn in good condition and to keep it that way.

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