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    At Lawnsafe we will ensure that your lawn is in a perfect condition – whatever the weather. All you need to do it make sure that you water and mow your lawn correctly.

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    Your garden is an intricately balanced ecosystem. If an aspect falls out of balance, it may have a profound effect on the health and look of the rest of your garden. Your lawn is no different – and unfortunately disease can strike in the blink of an eye.

Importance of Correct Lawn Fertilization

Although you can stay with the completely organic approach of top dressing to improve the quality of your lawn, a bit of lawn fertilization can go a long way to ensure healthy growing and dark green strong grass that will look good throughout the year.

As part of our lawn maintenance and care services we also offer lawn fertilization based on an assessment of the soil, grass, moisture, and season.

As it is of paramount importance to apply the correct lawn fertilization mixture to ensure healthy grass, we do not simply apply any mixture. We make use of a unique blend consisting of the correct combination of Phosphorus, Potassium and Nitrogen, in combination with certain micro-nutrients including Zinc and Manganese.

The fertilization should also be done at the correct intervals and will differ for the cooler and warmer periods. We apply the correct mixtures for the spring to summer and the winter periods and generally offer application every 13 weeks to ensure that your lawn stays in immaculate condition.

When it comes to cooler season grasses, for the cooler time of the year we recommend fertilization at the start of the winter and during the fall. Enough nutrients must be added at this time to help the grass store enough energy to go through the cold winter period and to grow during spring. During the spring, about a third of the annual fertilizer will be applied, while more fertilization may be needed at the start of the cooler period. For grass suitable for warmer temperatures, you want to fertilize the most during the spring and summer months when the grass is at the top of its activity level.

From the above information, it can be seen that the correct amount of lawn fertilization at specific periods is required to ensure healthy lawn. It is also important to consider the grass type and where the lawn is located. We are able to provide you with a complete assessment and the best possible lawn care service available in Gauteng. Contact us today for an assessment and quote.

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