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Lawn Dressing Pretoria

Quality Lawn Dressing In Pretoria

The Highveld in South Africa can provide the avid gardener with many challenges, amongst these being how to keep a lawn looking its best in the face of long cold and dry winters and high summer rainfall. One of the ways to ensure that a lawn is always at its best is to use top quality lawn dressing. Pretoria and Johannesburg both share the same climate and the onset of the rainy season has many gardeners looking for lawn dressing that will suit the condition both in Pretoria, Johannesburg and elsewhere in the Vaal triangle. This lawn dressing should be sourced from a reputable supplier in order to ensure that it is free from contaminants and will provide the growing lawn with all the nutrients that it requires for problem free growth.

The start of the rainy season is the ideal time to apply lawn dressing if it was not applied in autumn which is usually preferable. Pretoria lawn dressing stockists will have a full range of different types of lawn dressing that will suit a varied number of different soil types and the summer showers will ensure that the nutrients contained in the lawn dressing reach the root system of the lawn ensuring robust growth in the weeks and months to come.

When applying lawn dressing in Pretoria the homeowner should ensure that the lawn dressing is evenly applied and does not cover the grass as this will inhibit growth. In order to ensure that lawn dressing revitalises the soil it is preferable to aerate the soil prior to the application of the lawn dressing. This can easily be accomplished with some simple tools that are available from either specialist stockists or the neighbourhood nursery. Once the soil has been correctly aerated the lawn dressing should be spread over the lawn covering. The back of a rake is ideal for this job.

The application of quality lawn dressing to lawns in the Pretoria and Johannesburg area will be especially useful given the clay like nature of the soil and the heavy rainfall that can be expected during the summer season. Lawn dressing will enable the soil to drain more effectively, as well as supplying the nutrients that will stimulate the grass to produce new shoots.

Companies like LawnSafe will be able to assist homeowners in Pretoria with the correct lawn dressing and will also be able to offer advice on fertilisers and composts that optimise lawn growth and appearance. In addition a company like LawnSafe will also be bale to provide guidance on pest control which is especially important now that the summer rains have arrived.