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Lawn Compost Pretoria

The Requirements For Lawn Compost In Pretoria

As the summer season approaches residents of the Vaal triangle will be looking at their lawns and wondering if there is something that they can do to improve its appearance after the long winter. Pretoria lawn compost suppliers may have the solution that that residents of the city are looking for. By applying compost three times a year the appearance of any lawn can be dramatically improved, but even those home owners who have neglected their composting duties during winter can now take steps to ensure that their lawns are at the centre of their outdoor entertainment activities during the summer season.

Pretoria lawn compost suppliers have a variety of different composting solutions that are uniquely suited for the soil and climatic conditions that are prevalent on the Highveld, an area that is characterised by extremely cold winters followed by very hot and rainy summer weather. These climatic conditions call for extra care when it comes to lawn maintenance as lawns can become extremely stressed by both cold and dry conditions as well as hot and extremely wet weather.

Much of the soil that is found on the Highveld is either extremely sandy or contains large amounts of clay. This makes the soil almost hydrophobic and water run off can be a problem when trying to maintain a healthy lawn. The application of lawn compost in Pretoria can go a long way to solving this problem. The organic lawn compost serves to hold water and prevent excessive water loss, leading to a much healthier lawn.

The application of compost to lawns in the Pretoria area will also serve to replace the nutrients which can be leached from the soil during the cold and dry conditions that characterise the Highveld winter. These conditions can cause large amounts of stress to the lawn and cause damage leading to a sub par appearance. The application of compost will revive the lawn by providing much needed nutrients to the root system of the lawn. This will allow the grass to fight off potentially damaging micro organisms and also allow the lawn to more effectively absorb natural nutrients, cutting down on the amounts of pesticides and growth promoting fertilisers that might otherwise be needed.

By using lawn compost in Pretoria the home owner will ensure that the lawn becomes the centrepiece of any outdoor activities and the health of the grass will ensure that it can withstand the rigours of outdoor entertaining. Companies like LawnSafe in Pretoria will able to supply advice on which organic lawn compost would best suit individual lawns, as well as supplying the avid gardener with all the tools that they need to ensure the health of their lawn.