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    At Lawnsafe we will ensure that your lawn is in a perfect condition – whatever the weather. All you need to do it make sure that you water and mow your lawn correctly.

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    Your garden is an intricately balanced ecosystem. If an aspect falls out of balance, it may have a profound effect on the health and look of the rest of your garden. Your lawn is no different – and unfortunately disease can strike in the blink of an eye.

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High Quality Yet Affordable Lawn Compost

Summertime and the living is easy, or so the old tune goes, but for South African’s it’s more than just easy living that they’re looking forward to, it’s fun in the sun and outdoor activities with friends and family. Many South African’s are lucky enough to own homes with expansive gardens making entertaining within easy reach of the home comforts a reality and part and parcel of the summer fun. By taking steps to improve the appearance of their lawns entertaining for these home owners will be even more enjoyable and affordable lawn compost will go a long way to making that summers day lounging on a cool green lawn a reality.

Affordable lawn compost is available from a number of different suppliers who have been supplying quality lawn products to South African’s in cities around the country for a number of years. It is however important for the home owner to know that not all compost has been developed to take into account the different climatic and soil conditions that can be found in various different areas of the country.

Professional lawn care specialists will make quality and affordable lawn compost available to home owners. This compost will have been developed to ensure that the lawn receives adequate nutrition and that the composition of the compost is perfectly suited to the conditions that are prevalent in their area.

This can be especially important on the Highveld where the long cold winters can strip nutrients from the soil and place the lawn under a large amount of stress. Quality affordable lawn compost will be specially designed to remedy this situation by naturally replacing these lost nutrients and promoting robust and healthy root growth.

The use of compost is especially important on the Highveld due to the prevalence of sandy soil, as well as soil with a high clay content. This type of soil is often unable to retain large amounts of moisture, which is required for healthy lawn growth and appearance. By applying affordable lawn compost to the surface of the lawn the home owner will ensure hat water is more easily available to the root system of the grass and this can be an extremely important step in cultivating a healthy lawn.

Affordable lawn compost will also increase the lawn’s resistance to disease and the unwelcome attention of various pests that can damage the lawn. It also reduces the need for expensive and often dangerous amounts of pesticides and fertilisers.

Companies like LawnSafe will not only provide affordable lawn compost and a variety of other lawn dressings but will also provide the home owner with the tools and know how to ensure that the lawn is an integral part of enjoying the summer fun. ighveld due to the