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Irrigation Systems South Africa

Choosing Irrigation Systems In South Africa

South Africa is a land of contrasts, winter rainfall characterises the Southern coastal areas, while winter brings drier weather to the interior of the country. These climatic conditions can make the job of the gardener extremely challenging, which is why many avid outdoor enthusiasts choose to install home irrigation systems. South Africa also has extremely high summer temperatures which is why gardens often require the installation of irrigation systems. SA fortunately has a variety of such systems that are available to consumers and are suitable for gardens in both large and small properties are available either from specialist suppliers or often from garden centres or even supermarkets across the country.

There are a wide variety of different choices available to the consumer when it comes to irrigation systems. South Africa has manufacturers that can provide both automated and manual solutions garden irrigation, all of which are manufactured to international specifications and most of which come with extensive guarantees that will ensure years of capable service.

Those purchasing an irrigation system in South Africa should be aware that most of the warranties will not cover acts of God or damage caused by the either natural events or the actions of the home owner. When installing home irrigation systems in South Africa it is therefore important to be aware of exactly where the feeder network for the sprinklers is situated in order to avoid damage to the system caused during regular gardening activities such as grass cutting or border maintenance.

The automated irrigation systems available in South Africa can eliminate much of the hard work required to keep lawns, flowering plants, shrubs and trees in top condition. These automated systems rely on a controller to both initiate the watering cycle and turn off the irrigation system once the watering cycle is complete. The automated systems can supply the various zones of the garden with water during selected times of day and can even be preset to take into account seasonal variations in rainfall. Some systems even feature a rainfall sensor that will shut off the irrigation if rain is falling.

The automated irrigation systems available are especially suitable for use in the country given the water scarcity that characterises many parts of South Africa. By using an automated irrigation system water usage is cut down, making them environmentally friendly and also help you to save a Rand or two. The use of these automated systems can also reduce household expenditure on water.

If you want to find out more about irrigation systems in South Africa then contact experts who will be bale to advise you on which system would best suit your needs. Professionals at companies’ like LawnSafe can ensure that you reduce your expenditure on water while at the same time keeping your garden green and healthy.