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Different Types Of Grass

Selection Of Different Types Of Grass

There are different types of grass suitable for residential gardens in South Africa. A few guidelines and tips are shared below to help you make an informed selection amongst the different types of grass.

Different Types Of Grass – Bermuda

One of the most used types of grasses in South Africa is Bermuda. If the area receives a lot of traffic then Bermuda is the perfect choice. It should be noted that Bermuda doesn’t tolerate shade well and you may have to plant a separate shade grass in those areas. It is an indigenous grass and thus well adapted to the South African climate.

Different Types Of Grass – Kikuyu

One of the most affordable grasses for domestic use, Kikuyu is a fast grower which requires sunlight. The grass doesn’t tolerate shade well and as such you may need to plant a shade grass on the edges of the garden where the trees and shrubs are. It is a grass type that must be mowed every week to ensure it stays in tip-top condition because you don’t want to wait until it is too long. If it becomes too long, you will need to cut off more than a third of the blade length which will weaken the grass.

Different Types Of Grass - Gulf Green

As one of the top grasses in South Africa, it is also the one of the most expensive types. The Gulf Green is exactly that – deep green. It is stunning and best suited for the smaller garden where it is possible to care for the lawn as should be. It is also one of the indigenous species and if you are looking for a really soft piece of lawn then Gulf Green is the answer.

Different Types Of Grass – Shade Green

Buffalo and LM Berea are the two shade grasses most often used in South Africa. Other shade grasses are that of St. Augustine and Fescue types. Buffalo is a hardy grass that grows well in the sun and shade, whereas LM Berea is well suited for shady areas. Buffalo has a broader leaf while LM Berea is a soft type of grass.

If you need help with the growing, caring and addressing of problems regarding the different types of grass discussed, contact us at LawnSafe for immediate professional assistance.

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