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    At Lawnsafe we will ensure that your lawn is in a perfect condition – whatever the weather. All you need to do it make sure that you water and mow your lawn correctly.

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    Common Problems

    Your garden is an intricately balanced ecosystem. If an aspect falls out of balance, it may have a profound effect on the health and look of the rest of your garden. Your lawn is no different – and unfortunately disease can strike in the blink of an eye.

Your Neighbors Will Be Green With Envy

Lawnsafe provide superior residential lawn care services. Lawn applications are based upon temperature, moisture and grass species. All these factors are taken into consideration when deciding how and when to fertilise and spray

What We Do

View the following typical program and application sequence:


Spraying - Weed prevention, Pest prevention and top dressing to enhance the composition of soil


Maintanace spraying to control insects and prevent weeds. Artificial or chemical compost to encourage healthy soil. Primarily potassium as well as nitrogen and phosphorus.

Autumn & Winter

Winter fertilisation - Primarily potassium as well as nitrogen and phosphorus.

Thus, our services entail weeding, pest & disease control, application of compost and humates, top dressing, fertilisation and aeration. We also strive to adress any lawn related queries - if we can't fix it ourselves - we will utilise our database, to direct you to tried and tested contractors.